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The ISO standard shipping container is a marvel of industrial evolution. Over sixty years of refinements have given it the features that make it an attractive basis for transportable, sheltering, resilient space. It encloses a human-scaled volume that is far stronger than building codes require, is effortlessly transported and placed, easily modified and recycled, and so inexpensive that the cost of the raw materials alone in the United States exceeds the cost of the finished container delivered from manufacture in the Far East.

The preparation of each container module involves standardized modifications and added components addressing the needs of fixed dwelling. From foundations and insulation to exterior cladding, interior program units, and doors and windows, each of these additions are crafted to provide the most efficient and satisfying answer to the challenge of dwelling in limited space.

The interior program units that particularize the different modules are cleverly designed to maximize their utility within that limited space. In the spirit of RV and yacht design, this multipurpose fixture layout and cabinetry opens and closes and slides and rotates and stows away when not needed to keep the open space uncluttered and expansive.

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