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Efficient container-based housing and support systems for a needful planet.


Adequate, sustainable housing can be the foundation for solving the other pressing challenges of the contemporary world. Global warming, hunger, and disease seem less scary when a universal access to secure shelter is provided and folks can focus on something other than survival. By leveraging the shipping industry’s time-tested ISO standard shipping container and its highly developed infrastructure, HABcorp provides an inexpensive, efficient, and timely answer to one of the greatest problems of the day.

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The Accessory Dwelling Unit has been written into law in California as a means for accommodating additional inhabitants in a separate structure on a standard suburban lot. Intended to fit in the average back yard, the naturally small ADU distills the elements of dwelling down to their most refined state.


The modularity of HABcorp’s designs makes the installation of the new space seamless and efficient, with maximum flexibility to fit any program size and yard configuration; the factory construction process ensures the highest quality, and the robustness of the container makes it all secure.



Homelessness is characterized as a wicked problem. The huge variety of causes, affecting a greater variety of individuals—from the economically disadvantaged to the mentally unwell—makes for a complex and constantly changing crisis. A solution that works for one group might exclude another and one that serves well now might fail later. All the while new homeless folks are arriving to complicate the situation. The target is constantly moving, so flexibility is as crucial as timeliness.


HABcorp addresses the challenge with a phased approach that recognizes the urgency but also prepares the homeless individual for permanent settlement with support facilities and “bridge” shelter.

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habcorp logos1b-01.jpg


505 west Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90017


Tel: 213.327.0034

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